We are a movement, a religious order, a sect, a political body, a terrorist group, a magazine, a lifestyle, a blog, a national security threat, a global presence, a network, an ideology. Call us what you will. We are united in our belief that acting according to one's true self is the greatest moral imperative. We are the great channel for programming, we are our greatest slaves. We all believe in the power of CRIME. CRIME is LORD.

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As Crown Prince of Hell JJ Brine moves into an altogether Elevated /*\ Phase of The Ongoing Systems Campaign, We will be around to /x3\ Reinforce the systemic value-inputs of each Entry.  

Did everyone already guess what We’ve wanted to know?  How much of knowing, is knowing We know?  But We know what you’re thinking, and why it is so!  

Please don’t be still, but do be at ease. When We come around, you’ll know what you want — and We’ll have what you need.

(via jjbrine)

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