We are a movement, a religious order, a sect, a political body, a terrorist group, a magazine, a lifestyle, a blog, a national security threat, a global presence, a network, an ideology. Call us what you will. We are united in our belief that acting according to one's true self is the greatest moral imperative. We are the great channel for programming, we are our greatest slaves. We all believe in the power of CRIME. CRIME is LORD.

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ALAN from JJ Brine on Vimeo.


††† ALAN †††  (2012)

This isn’t finished yet but I’m posting it anyway.  I still need to add subtitles to the scenes featuring “revelations.”

ALAN has just revealed his will to his two appointed messengers on earth. They are instructed to dig up the bodies of twenty children who have recently died in a tragic car accident, along with their bus driver, and set them all on fire. The purpose of this is twofold - 1. If the children are to return to ALAN, maker of all things, their bodies must be incinerated, 2. By burning the corpses of 20 children and 1 adult in a most sensational manner, they will be able to spread news of ALAN and His Law.

There is nothing but ALAN. Without ALAN there is only an empty set.  


We set your children on fire so they could return to ALAN. If we do not do such things as ALAN demands, ALAN is reduced. And ALAN is all we’ve got. Your children are ALAN again, and so we worship them as Gods.

featuring JJ Brine & Christina von Savoye